Drupal 6 dCaldav Caldav/Webdav Client Module

CaldavdCaldavThe sporting fixtures listed on this website under the "Sporting Fixtures" menu item are created automatically using my own Drupal 6 dCaldav module. For further information on this free module, go to www.dcaldav.com, but in essence it is a lightweight read-only caldav client for interrogating remote caldav servers (such as Scalix, OSAF Cosmo, Zimbra, Google Calendars) and retrieving calendaring information. The data doesn't have to be sporting events - it can be business meetings, clubs and society meetings etc.

By installing the module, and setting a few system parameters, you can easily publish these events as a list on your website, and the events in the list can be selected individually. Furthermore, there is a block available enabling a snapshot of upcoming events positioned in a number of positions on any page, or even with customisation, anywhere you desire. If you are running a Drupal website, give it a spin!