Good Food Thai Pork and Peanut Curry

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: January 2013
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A new discovery for me - the BBC monthly periodical Good Food - and it comes packed with 100 recipes per issue. You would be hard pressed to fail to find something you didn't like, and in fact my first copy was laden with Post-It notes acting as bookmarks for those recipes on my wishlist.

The first recipe I tried was this Thai Pork and Peanut curry served with jasmine rice. I would classify this as a midweek dish - easy to construct at a cost of fidelity. The curry is made using Thai Red Curry paste and given its peanut flavour with the addition of Sunpat peanut butter. Hardly sophisticated, and without surprise the flavours are brutish! Thankfully this sledgehammer approach is tempered marginally at the 11th hour with the addition of a tablespoon of softening lime juice just before serving. Without this addition, it would be a difficult act to swallow.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe was written with four servings in mind, so I halved all the ingredients. Having come unstuck twice previously with undercooked pork, I truly blitzed its frying with the flame on 100% for 5 minutes. This seemed to work well and the meat was tender, but my poor saucepan bore the brunt of it and much scouring will be required to remove the burn marks.