Good Food Roast Duck with Red Wine Sauce

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: November 2005
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My first foray into cooking duck legs was with Good Food Venetian Duck Ragu meant I had to buy a two-pack of the duck legs so I was left with the conundrum of having to use up my last leg. Having scoured the BBC Good Food website I settled on Roast Duck with Red Wine Sauce dating back to November 2005.

The duck requires Chinese five spice powder which is easily sourced but seemed to disappear over the flavour of the red wine and the redcurrent jelly so I would recommend being a little heavier-handed with the sprinkling. The duck was succulent and accompanied with boiled potatoes and green beans along with a sprig or two of rosemary made a lovely meal.

Changes from Published Recipe

I was making a single portion so obviously roasted only one duck leg but I decided to make enough sauce for two portions since that involved halving the ingredients which is simpler than quartering and provided enough just in case a quarter portion was meagre.