Good Food Tomato Soup with Tear and Share Cheesy Bread

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: March 2013
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Now if ever there was an opportunity to test out the brand new garish red Andrew James food mixer, this was it.The food mixer is a work of art and very stylish, but to elevate it to a useful tool, I've been waiting for a suitable recipe to come along. The tomato soup in BBC Good Food magazine comes with a requirement for cheesed and garlicked up ciabatta. I don't need to be invited twice! I love chiabatta, and with cheese and garlic, wowsers!

The Andrew James mixer performed admirably and the ciabatta dough was ready to roll out within four minutes without turning my kitchen into a bomb site. The soup was as adjacent to the Heinz Cream of Tomato product as I wanted, and the entire meal was an unmitigated success.

Changes from Published Recipe

Here's an admission of guilt - the 'cheesy' bread is a misnomer. I forgot to sprinkle the cheese on the dough. Yes that's correct - I FORGOT THE CHEESE!! What a monumental cock-up.

Like the magazine suggested, I opted for Wrights Ciabatta Bread Mix and Lurpack Garlic Butter. Once the wet dough is rolled out in anticipation of being swiss-rolled, it is impossible to spread the butter onto it. The best that be achieved is to cut small chunks off the butter and sprinkle on top of the wet dough. The swiss-rolling process is potentially very messy, so be sure you have a flour shaker handy and the table has been adequately floured up beforehand.

The recipe is a little nebulous with regard to the amount of boiling water required to dilute the tomato mixture into a soup-like consistency - so care is required. I didn't feel the soup required the optional sugar - there was no acidic undertaste upon serving.