Good Food Sweet and Sour Ribs with Pomegranate Salsa

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2013
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Here's something - ribs cooked in pomegranate juice, marinaded in pomegranate molasses, and served with pomegranate seeds. I'm inclined to believe that the recipe compiler has a terminal case of cystitis. Being thankfully free of such painful afflictions it is still worthwhile - pomegranate purports to be a super food which cures all complains in a most efficacious way. The first challenge was to source the molasses. In fact it was extremely easy - the first Arabic grocers I walked into on Northend Road, Fulham had it in a prominent, magnetic position, and was a reasonable £3.99.
Pomegranate MolassesOf course I have no idea if this represents a 'good' brand or not, but it served its purpose and will now probably drift towards the back of my sauces cupboard and languish there for the next decade or so.

The process is lengthy - this is another meal that can't be thrown together when you tip in from work at 7pm in the evening unless you fancy eating at something approaching midnight. Ok, I exaggerate, but it certainly needs some advance planning. However, it is genuinely worth the effort - the unctuous marinade and the melt in the mouth meat, along with the biting salsa made for a terrific combination. The magazine suggested rice or flatbreads, and I elected for Tesco's parsley and garlic flatbread which is a discovery I am somewhat proud of.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe suggests 2kg of pork which will make 4-6 - nice and vague, thanks a bunch. In reality Tesco sell their spare ribs in 800g packs so I elected to have one of these and half the salsa, marinade and cook in liquid. It needs to said that 800g is barely adequate for two hungry diners, but thankfully the flatbread will always fill you up.

Apart from that, the recipe was made as per the instructions, however a few words about cooking time. The recipe suggests the meat should be initially cooked at 140-160 for 2-3 hours. Wow! Difficult to nail then! I went for 150 degrees for 2 hours and it was perfect. I then upped the temperature to 220 and baked the meat and the marinade for a mere 20 minutes whilst basting a couple of times. It worked for me!