Good Food Spicy Sausage & Bean One-pot

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: March 2014
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No-one could suggest that March 2014 BBC Good Food Magazine's Spicy Sausage & Bean One-pot recipe represents a contribution to a balanced diet. There is a distinct shortage of greens on show apart from a few sprigs of parsley sprinkled on top. Nope, this is a dish to warm the cockles of the heart in the dour UK winter months.

On that basis the recipe is a complete success and is simplicity itself. The magazine suggests 20 minutes cooking time is required which is about correct although the 5 minutes prep time is as usual ambitious. It always takes me longer than the printed time to accomplish the prep, primarily because I like to have everything laid out like a cookery show on TV to avoid panics later!

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe is ostensibly for four people although I suspect that may leave the diners requiring a big portion of pudding. Since I was cooking for myself I halved the ingredients, for instance using one can of kidney beans in chilli sauce. I had a few problems getting hold of Cumberland sausage - my nearest large Tesco store in Earls Court was out but a return visit a few days later netted a packet. Despite halving the ingredients there wasn't much left in the pan by the time I had fed myself.