Smashed Avocado with Crispy Chicken, Pickled Onions and Tortillas

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: February 2013
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Your very own Finger Lickin' Chicken! Yep, a take on Colonel Sanders southern fried secret recipe, but unlike KFC, this is served with red onions pickled and smashed avocado. Perhaps an unlikely combination, but wrap them all together in a flour tortilla and you have a lip smacking snack.

However, it's not all plain sailing on the way to Kentucky. The chicken needs to be soaked overnight in buttermilk, although I concede here and now that stretched to two days for me after an unscheduled social engagement removed me from the kitchen unexpectedly. Then there's the process of shallow frying in a wok -this needs to be undertaken with utmost care to avoid a possible flare up or a knock-over. The recipe in the magazine was barely helpful here - neither indication to oil temperature nor to duration of frying the chicken, which made the entire process a little hit and miss. In addition by the time I'd finished frying (with a couple of bloody uncooked strips of chicken being consigned to the bin) my kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it.

Were the results worth it? The dish was not an unmitigated disaster, and I certainly enjoyed the results. However these results weren't aligned with the effort expended, and therefore I reluctantly would be more inclined to buy my fried chicken ready made next time. Which could well be in many years time since my last trip to such an establishment was at least four years ago.

Changes from Published Recipe

Not too many changes for this one, although I did half all the quantities to provide a meal for two. The recipe suggests either polenta or cornmeal for the chicken mix, and I opted for the cornmeal for no particular reason. I cooked in vegetable oil rather than sunflower oil, and that's the extent of it.