Good Food Sloppy Joe Pizza Bread

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: August 2012
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Trawling through my back issues of BBC Good Food magazine I came across this lovely midweek snack. A cross between chilli (without the chilli) and pizza, it is essential football watching TV finger food. The ingredients take no great sourcing, although after work (circa 7pm) meant my Tesco Express as usual had no store baked bread left. I can confirm the Fulham Palace Road branch is totally feckless, and the Hammersmith Metro branch 10 minutes walk away is not far behind. Thankfully Sainsbury's Local opposite had a vast array of breads, and I elected their large baguette which tallies with the recipe.

Changes from Published Recipe

Despite the lovely results, the recipe as provided by the magazine contained many errors. The cooking time for the mince was suggested as 8 minutes on a high flame, but 8 minutes would have totally obliterated the meat on my hob; by 4 minutes the meat was done and needed no further cooking. Tesco's own brand tomato and chilli pasta sauce comes in a 340g jar size, not 350g, as stated, and is extremely viscous. Once added to the pan it was quickly absorbed into the mince and needed no more than a few minutes cooking. The notion that 15 minutes would be required is ludicrous, and the sauce would have dried out in that time.