Good Food Crispy Chilli Beef

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: January 2013
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A 1970s / 1980s time-warp recipe! Or at least the requirement for 'minute steak'. I can't remember seeing that on any restaurant menus for a few decades, and my butcher equally had to search his memory banks for when it was last requested. Of course there is no such cut as 'minute steak' - it is merely your favourite cut of steak sliced very thin. So don't expect your local supermarket to stock this - it will need a trip to your nearest butcher; in itself no bad thing - you'll be contributing to the survival of a specialist service. Won't be cheap mind you :)

The recipe was scrumptious with big bold flavours. The beef wasn't exactly crispy, so perhaps I grew restless and didn't cook for long enough; it was beautifully tender nonetheless. The matchstick ginger shone through, maybe drowning out the rice vinegar / soya / chilli sauce / tomato ketchup, but to find fault would be churlish in an exemplary dish when served with a nice crisp Japanese beer, medium pre-cooked noodles, and prawn crackers.

Changes from Published Recipe

A recipe for three? God preserve us! This was a complete nightmare to scale, and perhaps I added too much ginger - see above. I was unexpectedly on my own after a cancelled day trip for the football so elected for one large portion. I arbitrarily scaled all the ingredients on the whole by 50% but rounded up when a 50% portion wasn't obvious - for example 3 tablespoons of cornflour became 2 tablespoons.

I elected for rump steak cut by the butcher, but you of course could go for your own favourite.