Good Food Chicken Curry with Lime Leaf, Lemongrass and Mango

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: January 2014
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My first review of 2014 and I wanted something interesting that would be slightly more challenging than my mainstays. The BBC Good Food magazine January 2014 issue has a wonderful chicken curry with lime leaf, lemongrass and mango giving it a 'totally tropical taste'! The recipe requires the curry paste to be constructed from scratch - hence my desire to select a more complex dish. The basis of the paste is tamarind and I have concede I thought the three tablespoons would be overpowering, but by the time all the other ingredients had blended together during the cooking process, it turned out very well.

Most of the ingredients are easy to source and I had everything I needed without additional shopping apart from the lime leaves. I mistakenly believed I had some squirrelled away but thankfully my local oriental supermarket about 200m from my flat was still open at 8pm on a Friday evening and they turned up trumps.

Care does need to be taken during the 30 minute cooking of the chicken under the pan lid. I cooked the curry way too fast resulting in it reducing further than was intended. The result was a curry for four only had enough sauce for one - which was fine in my circumstance since I was only cooking for myself.

Changes from Published Recipe

I was cooking for myself and the recipe is for four. So I elected to create the curry paste as printed, but reduce the amount of ingredients in the curry - for instance I used two chicken thighs, a handful of green beans and one mango. I did retain the 400ml can of coconut milk.

I mistakenly believed there would be enough sauce for a second dinner the following night but since I cooked the curry too quickly, the sauce reduced at an alarming rate.