Good Food Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs with Rice and Greens

Magazine: Good Food
Issue: January 2013
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This recipe looked to me to be a lovely compromise between healthy and tasty. The Good Food magazine issue suggest there are 481 calories per serving, but since my portion was substantially smaller, I suspect I got away with approximately 375 or so calories. However, the reality fell well short of the dream. There were numerous problems with this recipe - the chicken was nowhere near cooked after the suggested 10 minutes, the sauce refused to become 'saucy' (sic) and remained distinctly thin as antifreeze, and the measurements didn't stack up to the portion in the magazine's picture. Worse than all of this however is the fact that the recipe simply isn't very interesting. It's another bland chicken dish, of which many already exist.

Changes from Published Recipe

I halved the ingredients to make two portions, apart from the sauce where I elected to make the published amount. The chicken didn't go as far as I thought it would and I had nowhere near the portion as shown in the magazine's picture.

By sheer ineptitude I didn't have a lemon to hand, but I did have a lime so substituted both the juice and the zest. I thought that a good move, but regardless of the freshness of the lime, the dish still tasted very dry and bland.