Sushi Rice Bowl with Beef and Chilli

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: March 2013
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It's probably fair to suggest that BBC's EasyCook magazine is not aimed at the highbrow end of home cuisine market. Despite this, there are plenty of good ideas contained within, and the beauty of most of the recipes (as the magazine's name suggests) is they are simplicity itself to make.

The Sushi Rice bowl with Beef and Chilli is no exception, and the only complications are the timings and co-ordination since fried eggs are involved. I have a penchant for fried eggs since it's an opportunity to use my blow torch (care required!), and add my liking of sushi and steak, and you have an excellent and easy recipe for midweek.

Changes from Published Recipe

This was a midweek meal made for myself on my lonesome, so I halved most of the quantities, for example half a courgette and half a carrot was used. I didn't select the rump steak by weight; rather selected a piece of meat of medium size. The chilli sauce used was Sriracha available in all Asian supermarkets.