Easy Cook Super-Speedy Chilli

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: April 2013
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I've had periods in my life where I've practically lived off mince dishes. Start with the basic tomato / mince sauce and then create Spaghetti Bolognese on day 1, Chilli Con Carne on day 2, Nachos on day 3 etc. So when I saw the Super-Speedy Chilli, I can't deny I was intrigued.

The first problem with the recipe was sourcing Discovery Hot Chilli Season and Serve Sauce. This is not a product stocked in inner city local stores, but in the end I lucked out at Morrison's, Shepherds Bush Green, and that has become my go to supermarket for anything other than staples in west London.

Unfortunately I'd already bought the mince at Sainsbury's and they sell in 550g packs, whilst the recipe demanded a Morrison's friendly 450g pack size. So 100g was removed from my pack and put into the freezer to be forgotten about.

The recipe itself proved to be anything but speedy, and I genuinely believe it is quicker to make a conventional Chilli. The problem is the reduction of the can full of water. The recipe suggests this can be accomplished in 5-10 minutes but the reality is it took 25 minutes to get the sauce anywhere near ready. This was a big disappointment and negated the point of the chilli in the first place. That said, I can't deny it was better than my 20 year old standard recipe.

Changes from Published Recipe

I tried to be as authentic to the recipe as possible, and therefore followed the recipe to the letter. Serving with mayonnaise is a disaster - it really needs soured cream, and I'm not too sure what purpose the flour tortillas serve.