Easy Cook Simple Seafood Chowder

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: April 2013
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Chowder for me conjures up mental images of holidays spent in America, a country with an even worse culinary reputation than the UK. Notwithstanding this, my favourite hearty appetiser on trips to New England was the Clam Chowder, a thick soup dish made with potatoes and clams, and thickened with double cream. It was always delicious, and frequently precipitated a request for a second helping. I've been mystified why I've never experienced this wonderful concoction in the UK.

Now Easy Cook magazine has come up with a recipe adjacent to the New England classic, albeit made with with fish pie mixed fish and shell fish of choice. I can confirm that whilst not eclipsing that sampled in the colonies, it runs it a close second, and is well worth the effort.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe is for four, so I halved the ingredients, using the term loosely. In reality I used a large handful of pre-cooked mussels and raw king prawns, both of which I tipped into the mixture about a minute before serving. Care needs to be taken with pre-cooked mussels to avoid turning them into vulcanised rubber, and a minute was sufficient to heat through without suffering the consequences.