Easy Cook Salmon and Horseradish Burgers

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: April 2013
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What's not to like about burgers? Finger food in man-sized portions! Better still, this must be considered 'health food' too! The meal itself isn't cheap and each burger probably weighs in at close to £3. Easy Cook magazine suggests £2.63 per person (assuming the person only has one burger) but that doesn't factor in any wastage - for instance it is unlikely the jar of creamed horseradish will ever be used up.

Now, about that creamed horseradish. It must be one of the most unpalatable food products on the market. I like horseradish, I like cream, but put the two together results in a noxious cocktail with an appalling metallic under-taste. Thankfully, when combined with the salmon, this is dissipated, and the finished burgers are lovely.

Changes from Published Recipe

No changes at all from the printed recipe.