Easy Cook Pad Thai with Prawns

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: December 2013
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In theory this recipe from BBC Easy Cook magazine December 2013 (itself lifted from BBC Good Food September 2012) should have been the perfect fillip for an over-indulged white meat overloaded Christmas. The reality sadly never quite lived up to the expectation. The recipe is simplicity itself, and most cooks would have all the ingredients to hand. These days it isn't difficult to source 'exotic' ingredients like tamarind paste which for instance can be bought from Waitrose branches.

However the results don't match the recipe. The food turned out to be an amorphous blob of white / pink food which didn't look particularly appetising. The Pad Thai itself didn't taste authentic to me, a veteran of many Thai restaurant meals over the years. In addition, my feeling was there were just too few ingredients both in the sauce (don't know what to suggest here) and with the noodles which could have benefited from mange tout or baby corn or a green pepper - just something to give it some more depth!

Changes from Published Recipe

I was making this for myself only so had to change the ingredients amounts accordingly. The udon noodles was a pack of 150g and pre-cooked so didn't require boiling first, whilst I used 125g of prawns just for myself. The recipe suggests 100g of prawns for two which is insanity.

The rest of the ingredients were halved.