Easy Cook Curried Chicken and Mango Salad

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: April 2013
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For reasons I can't begin to explain, I don't eat enough mangos. I really like them (although I don't believe they represent good value for money) and yet I almost always overlook them when shopping online or in the supermarket. So, when I stumbled across the Easy Cook April issue with a curried chicken and mango salad, I knew this was my opportunity to jump back into the saddle. This proved to be one of my better decisions since the recipe must be one of my current favourites - in fact it occupies top spot at the moment. It is an absolute breeze to make and yet there is a marvellous melange of flavours to savour.

Changes from Published Recipe

The recipe was made as published in the magazine. I only had access to hot curry powder, so that's what I had to use. I erred on the safe side by cooking the chicken for a full 30 minutes which proved a mistake since it was a little overcooked. I should have gone for the 20 minutes as suggested on the printed page.