Easy Cook Croque Madame

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: February 2013
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I stumbled upon BBC's EasyCook magazine whilst trawling through the periodicals in Hammersmith's WH Smiths - a thoroughly dispiriting and unedifying experience; never have I witnessed such demotivated staff. Any rate, let that be senior management's concern and return to EasyCook. The magazine is one of the more down-market food monthlies, concentrating its efforts on simple quick recipes and food education / familiarisation. It also mentions stockists by name - useful when tracking down non-standard ingredients.

So to break my duck I elected to go for the ridiculously easy Croque Madame as a single portion lunch. As any fule kno, this is a Croque Monsieur's wife - the missus has the eggs. The build went together without mishap, but my main motivation was to utilise my chef's blowtorch. Most would buy one for crusting Crème Brûlée, but I bought mine for cooking egg yokes. Of course when hot fat and frying pans are concerned one needs to exercise caution otherwise a blaze will result, but if you point the flame directly at the egg you should be safe.

Changes from Published Recipe

There aren't too many changes possible with this one! The recipe suggests either grated cheddar or monterey jack - a cheese used in Mexican cuisine but not one I've seen for sale in the UK. A spot of Googling later and I discovered that Tesco delicatessen counters sell it, along with M&S Westfield. Notwithstanding this, I elected for pre-grated Tesco cheddar and made a mental note to try monterey jack next time in that great cathedral of consumerism.

The recipe suggested sourdough bread but I went for Sainsbury's Multi-seed - a new brand to me but with Hammersmith's Tesco rarely bothering to bake my favourite farmhouse loaves, this could be my new favourite.