Easy Cook Cod with Bacon, Lettuce and Peas

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: March 2013
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There was a time when I was eating fish twice a week and I was quite sanctimonious about my healthy eating. Subsequent to that I appear to have forgotten about our watery friends and turned my attention to red meat. Distinctly less healthy. So here's a recipe that straddles the two territories - cod and bacon. Neither should be on anyone's grocery list to be honest. Cod is not a sustainable fish and I really should have gone for pollock. As for the bacon - after this week's reports on the early death of anyone coming within 6 feet of processed meat, I clearly should have received a significant discount from Tesco.

So here we have Fulham's take on surf and turf, along with a complete little gem lettuce and a generous portion of peas. This has got to be good for me, right? RIGHT? Well, whether it is healthy or not, and whether is is ethically sound of not, could be debated until the processed cows come home. What isn't up for debate however is how darned easy and how darned good the final dish was. A definite tick in the have it again box.

Changes from Published Recipe

The printed recipe was for four, whilst this was a dinner for one chez moi. So I didn't exactly scale the recipe down by a quarter. Obviously there was just one piece of cod, by by other measurements were:
1. Complete little gem lettuce
2. A small clove of garlic
3. A small onion, halved
4. About half a cup of chicken stock
5. A ramekin full of frozen peas
6. Two rashers of bacon
On the side I went for my current favourite flat bread - Tesco's parsley and garlic.