Easy Cook Chillied Cheese on Toast

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: September 2013
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BBC Easy Cook's magazine is a wonderfully low-brow cookery publication packed with simple recipes that even a culinary dullard like myself can manage. I'm not totally convinced all the recipes are the most healthy but they do have nutritional information and thus informed choices can be made.

Tesco Home Delivery stitched me up on a Bank Holiday weekend - I had my meals planned but a system outage at the Tesco depot resulted in no delivery. Last minute changes to my plans were required and I wanted something simple that wouldn't require too many additional ingredients since the Tesco delivery was now expected 24 hours later.

Chillied Cheese on Toast filled this requirement perfectly. I did need to buy a ciabatta loaf from my nearby Waitrose (100m walk) and by good fortune they also stocked gruyere cheese which is vital for the dish since a hard grate-able cheese is a necessity.

This glorified cheese on toast was a triumph! Everything worked perfectly - the gruyere had the bitterness missing from cheddar, the chilli flakes gave the cheese a lift and the Worcestershire Sauce was the inspired splash on the top. For a meal thrown together in ten minutes, you really can't ask for more.

Changes from Published Recipe

The magazine suggests four rounds are for four people. Well only if this is going to be a snack before a canapé before an appetiser before a main meal. In reality, although admittedly I had skipped lunch so was ravenous, I shifted six rounds, and the onions / cheese / tomato mixture is good for all six rounds.