Easy Cook Chicken Tikka with Spiced Rice

Magazine: Easy Cook
Issue: April 2013
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A rich source to plunder in Easy Cook magazine is the 20 quick weeknight meals section which certainly taps into my psyche. Top of the pile being Chicken Tikka with Spiced Rice, which whilst needed a little bit of marinading, I discovered that could be accomplished during the time it takes to preheat the oven. The raita is simplicity with only two ingredients, but to pad out the meal further I ate it with a parsley and garlic flatbread.

Changes from Published Recipe

Unexpectedly I was faced with a meal for one after my plans changed, so instead of halving the ingredients for two, I 'busked' the amounts for one. In reality, this was no great stretch. For the rice I used a packed of Express Pilau, whilst I had half a red onion left over the fridge which was cut into wedges, and I used half a 'supermarket portion' of cucumber for raita with a few generous dollops of natural yoghurt. I used a handful of frozen peas.

Since I used Express Pilau rice which needs three minutes simmering in a saucepan so I added the curry powder to the rice at that point. The red pepper couldn't be cooked at that point so I added it to the chicken and the onion in the oven which worked.